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"The best facility of its kind in the country, and by a country mile." 
- Colin Montgomerie

Experience Excellence with Precision Golf and GX Golf Gloves

GX Golf Gloves is proud to announce a dynamic partnership with Precision Golf, Europe's leading custom golf fitting studio. In a legacy spanning two decades, Precision Golf has earned acclaim for crafting bespoke golf clubs with unparalleled precision. All equipment is hand-assembled by master club builders in the on-site workshop, to industry-leading specifications and the tightest possible tolerances. Legend of the game, Colin Montgomerie, declared it "the best facility of its kind in the country, and by a country mile."


This isn't just a club fitting studio – it's a comprehensive hub for golf performance. Precision Golf also offers tour-level coaching, sports-related fitness instruction and sports injury rehab. No-one else offers such a comprehensive golf performance experience under one roof.

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As part of our exclusive collaboration, GX Golf Gloves is excited to extend our premium golf gloves to every fitting at Precision Golf, ensuring an unmatched experience when it comes to every aspect of custom fit. Renowned for quality and affordability, our gloves add a touch of comfort and style to the precision and craftsmanship synonymous with Precision Golf.



Elevate your golf game with GX Golf Gloves and Precision Golf – where excellence is a shared commitment. Explore more for a golfing experience that exceeds expectations at

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